Sami Carouba

Reach MEA FZCO | Founder

Dr. Sami Carouba is the Founder & CEO of Reach MEA FZCO – a Master Distributorship, Management Consultancy, and Investment Management Firm located at Dubai Airport Freezone Dubai, UAE. He is the current President of Rotary
Club – Dubai and a Board Member of United Arab Emirates Food & Beverage Business Group. Having a Doctoral Degree in Business; a Masters Degree in Law; 25yrs. of functional experience with regional and multinational companies including Unilever, Henkel and SC Johnson; a wealth of knowledge across Middle East and
African Markets; along with his innovation, positive attitude & mindset, and passion to build & promote brands and drive profitable growth are the cornerstone of his continuous advancement as well as being a catalyst of change engaged in reviving underperforming markets, penetrating new ones, and expand on existing business with demonstrated ability to establish, nurture and maintain productive relationship at all levels.

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