Patrick Satamian

Catalyst Concepts | Founder

Patrick is the Managing Partner and Founder of Catalyst Concepts, with the intention to provide a One Stop Hub for  PLC and SMI Company owners, Company Boards,  CEOs, C-Suite for a variety of Executive Services including Board Roles, Interim CEO roles,  Strategic and Operational Advisory, Corporate Finance (sell side, buy side), Culture Transformation, Executive Coaching, Executive Search, where the main objective is about helping Owners to create Sustainable value creation across all levels of the business including Soft Elements (Culture, Ways of Working, Talent, Skills) and Hard Elements (P&L, Balance Sheet, Systems) leading to a stronger Business, or Sale to Strategic Partners or IPO.

Previously, he held a number of senior leadership positions based in Chicago, London, Geneva, Zurich as Chief Executive Officer, President, Board Member, Advisor with International Groups such as Kraft Foods, Heinz, Mondelez, Cadbury, Danone, Altria, RJR Nabisco, and regional Groups based in Dubai, Riyadh, Jeddah, Abu Dhabi such as Nadec, EFI, NFPC, Almarai, and Government Ministries in charge of Agriculture, Water, Health, with responsibility reaching US$5b in revenues, expertise in Business Expansion and Acceleration, Culture Shaping and Evolution in companies owned by Family Offices, Private Equity, Publicly Listed, Start ups, as well in many industries including Food and Consumer Goods, Food Services (Animal Feed, Animal Nutrition, B2B), Casual Dining, Agriculture, Fruits and Vegetables, Food Security, Retail, Education, Learning (Training, Coaching), Integrated Property/Asset Management, Private Equity, Private Banking, Investment Banking, he also led some of the biggest Acquisitions and Integrations (Cadbury, Danone LU) regionally.

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