Selected 2015

Wadih Haddad

  • Current company The Box
  • Country United Arab Emirates

About The Box

In Dubai, a city built around luxury, extra closet space comes at a premium. Although Dubai is known for its modern skyscrapers, magnificent architectural buildings, opulent hotels, and shopping malls, real estate in the Emirate comes with a whopping price tag. As a result, the majority of residents struggle with space constraints – until The Box built its first self-storage facility in 2008, there were few options for self or bulk storage. Founded during the heart of the financial crisis, The Box has grown to 25 facilities and 250,000 square feet within the UAE, operates facilities in Lebanon and Qatar, and has partnerships in Canada. The company plans to increase its footprint across multiple cities in MENA through opening new locations, constructing joint venture facilities, and management contracts with competitor companies leading to acquisitions.

About Wadih

Wadih Haddad is a self-made entrepreneur. Born in Kuwait, his family moved to the United States and then to Lebanon during the Gulf War. He studied at the American University of Beirut, and following graduation moved to Dubai to begin his career as a sales executive. Wadih has always thought outside the box. After working in sales, he secured enough money to open a warehouse. In 2008 The Box opened a 15,000 square foot facility offering self-storage in Dubai. The Box thrived, and in 2010 Wadih bought out his seed investors. Over the past years, The Box has evolved into the leading self-storage company in the UAE offering end-to-end moving and storage solutions to capture both personal and commercial clients.

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