Selected 2015

Riath Hamed

  • Current company Balqees Honey
  • Country United Arab Emirates

About Balqees

Balqees Honey specializes in sourcing the purest, rarest raw honey from Yemen and other countries around the world. Our first priority is quality and we work closely with beekeepers and farms in Yemen who supply us exclusively.

About Riath

Founder Riath Hamed’s infectious laugh and disarming sincerity have helped him navigate a diversity of career paths. Born into a family of Yemeni origin, Riath spent the majority of his childhood growing up in Sheffield, United Kingdom. After obtaining a degree in Social Sciences from Hallam University (1992), Riath worked at an economic training center for Yemenis, where he developed employment initiatives. In 1995, Riath’s brother Naseem, a professional boxer, took Riath onboard as his Managing Director. For the next 11 years, Riath traveled the world with his brother, negotiating executive sponsorship and broadcasting agreements with the likes of Time Warner in the US and SKY TV in the UK. Naseem was eventually inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame, but by 2006, the Hamed brothers were exhausted. Naseem stopped boxing, and Riath moved to the only Arab city in the world that he knew could satisfy his need for relaxation: Dubai.

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