Selected 2017

Dana Liparts

  • Current company Ecocoast
  • Country United Arab Emirates

About Ecocoast

Ecocoast develops turnkey solutions to answer the marine industry’s most pressing coastal problems through its superior, more durable and sustainable products. Its primary clients are multinational contractors and developers who seek out Ecocoast for its innovative technical solutions. Its range of products cover marine protection, using high-strength, non-traditional materials that leave a smaller environmental footprint, and marine demarcation, designed to support and secure marine environments.

About Dana

Dana Liparts is the Co-Founder and Director of Ecocoast, a pioneering marine group that exists to solve the world’s most pressing marine and coastal problems. Dana co-founded Ecocoast Contracting in 2009 to offer specialist marine and coastal protection services to protect and support the world’s coastlines. Identifying a gap in the construction industry for sustainable marine protection solutions, Dana co-founded Ecobarrier Manufacturing in 2011 to develop pioneering solutions for a better marine environment. Today, Ecobarrier is the largest manufacturer of marine protection barriers in the world, and in 2018 designed and manufactured the underwater system for The Ocean Cleanup’s first barrier system to launch in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Most recently in 2018, Dana added Ecolabs to the Ecocoast portfolio. Ecolabs is the Middle East’s first marine innovation hub, taking a collaborative approach to solving the world’s most pressing marine and coastal problems. Through Ecolabs, Dana supports entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs to help them bring their pioneering arine solutions to market. Dana began her career as an Anthropologist, later studying Business and Public Relations in Australia. After a career spanning over 10 years in Professional Services Marketing & Business Development, Dana moved to Dubai in 2007. Dana was recently awarded the honour of Social Entrepreneurship Leader of the Year by SME Advisor Middle East as its 2019 Stars of Business Leadership Awards. Dana is also an active mentor, speaker and judge for organisations such as Sheraa (Sharjah Entrepreneurship Centre), MEED (Middle East Economic Digest) and Ingenious Faces.

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