Selected 2019

Ananya Narayan

  • Current company Hunter Foods
  • Country United Arab Emirates

About Hunter Foods

Hunter Foods is a leading company manufacturing and packaging alternative, innovative and “Better for You” snacks and foods in the Middle East with a strong presence in Asia.  Established in 1985, Hunter Foods produces a wide range of specialty and gourmet packaged snacks and foods such as Hand cooked Potato Chips, Vegetable and Fruit Chips, Quinoa Chips, High Protein Lentil Chips, Baked Pretzel Chips, Wholegrain Brown, Red and Black Rice Chips, Organic Superfoods, etc…. all under its own brands.  Meanwhile, it has a strong distribution network working with all major retailers, wholesale and food service establishments in the UAE (exclusive partner for all major coffee shop chains and airlines including Emirates Airlines and Starbucks, hospitals, theme parks, 5 star hotels, cinemas, etc…).  It has already sold its products to over 25 countries in 5 continents.

About Ananya

Ananya Narayan, Managing Director of Hunter Foods, has more than tripled the company revenues in the last 5 years and adding over 20 new export markets.  His aim is to transform Hunter Foods into a leading manufacturer of alternative, innovative and “Better for you” snacks in the Middle East with a strong presence in Asia.  Prior to joining Hunter Foods, he has worked in the hospitality industry, with Preferred Hotels & Resorts as Executive VP – Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa and with Hyatt International as Director of Strategic Marketing.  While he was at Preferred, he expanded his hotel portfolio drastically from 13 hotels to 191 over nine years.   He has a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Communication Studies and a Masters in Marketing, both from Northwestern University, USA.

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